In this select environment, you have a few days of rest guaranteed in a natural privileged environment, and you will be able to enjoy our domestic gastronomy and service of cafe 24 hours a day. The easy access and the big common zones make the cottage specially suitable for company meetings or celebrations.




Typical Andalusian farmhouse patio with great extension, 600 m2, where you will be able to enjoy an nice dinner at dusk and where you can arrange any celebration.



Dominating spectacular views of a great part of the Mountains of Huelva. From here you will be able to enjoy with the sights in the horizon of villages as Aracena, Alajar and, beyond, the Aroche's Peaks and the Rock of Arias Montano.


Wide and comfortable in which we can differentiate clearly two zones, one in which we will be able to relax to the heat of a great chimney in the winter days, and other one destined to dining room.



Restaurant service is available to our customers to let them taste the domestic gastronomy of our mountains, cooking in a wood oven and barbecue. If you prefer, we have another kitchen where you can cook your favorite dishes yourself.



In the top floor of the house there are three rooms, one is the jewel of our farmhouse with a wide bathroom, bed with canopy and great large window to the mountains. The other two are double.

In the intermediate floor, two apartments with capacity for four people, with living room and bathroom each one. And in the ground floor, an apartment independent from the rest of the house with wide lounge - dining room with chuvesky, plasma TV and kitchen, two wide double rooms with bathroom besides another one with two berths for children.

- Television in all the rooms and in both lounges.
- Internet.
- Air conditioning in all the dependences.
- Chimney in the upper lounge and Chuvesky in the lower one.
- Dining room.
- Living rooms
- Daily room service, restaurant and cafeteria.
- Laundry service.
- Complete kitchen at your service.
- Pets will be welcome.



In the principal lounge - dining room and in the gallery of the house, there is a great quantity of trophies of hunt from the five continents, especially of Africa, with a more representative sample of the hunting species of the black continent.


- For the lovers of sport and nature, the estate La Cerezuela with more than 600 Hectares is at your sevice. The routes of hiking along its beautiful pine forests will be unforgettable. Besides the hiking, You can do the following activities:
- Hunting in the season inside the estate.
- Disk shooting.
- Arch shooting
- Paintball
- Horse riding routes contracted with nearby riding schools.


The environment

Likewise, given its proximity you can visit "Cueva de las Maravillas" in Aracena, the Natural Park of the "Castillo de las Guardas". The mining museum, the interior of the former big mines or a tour in the centenary trains of the mining companies, where you will be able to know the activity that has characterized the zone for 5.000 years. The dolmens of El Pozuelo. The Interpretation Center of the Dolmens culture in Zalamea or the museum of modern art Vazquez Díaz in Nerva.



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